Who wins Georgia?



Joe Biden



Donald Trump



Odds of Winning

We expect Joe Biden to win Georgia by 0.32%.

Georgia is rated as Pure Tossup.

Winning Odds Over Time

Popular Vote Over Time

  • Voter Registration

Registering new voters is a key part of winning elections.


Here's a look at where Democrats and Republicans have registered new voters since the 2016 election:

Since the 2016 election,

79,330 new African-American voters have registered,

77,329 new White voters have registered and

72,308 new Hispanic/Latino voters have registered,

Overall, Democrats have registered the most new voters.

  • Turnout Demographics

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Breaking down who we expect will show up on election day by demographics.

Every state has a unique demographic composition. See how we expect it to change from 2016 to 2020: 

We expect significant demographic swings from 2016 to 2020:

White voters: from 60% to 59%

African-American voters: from 30% to 32%

Hispanic/Latino voters: from 4% to 5%

We expect the partisan composition to become 2% more Democratic:

35% Republican, 34% Democrat and 31% Independent

  • Turnout Demographics

Turnout isn't the only thing we expect will change from 2016 to 2020.

How each demographic group will vote is also expected to change, explore those changes here:

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